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Mishan Andre

An avid world traveler and explorer at heart.  His unyielding desire to know more about the best destinations in the world brought him to Cabo San Lucas.  Finally, Mishan found a place where he could end his search, dig his toes into the sand and make his home in a place boasting with beautiful beaches, an array of culinary creativity and unlimited exploration opportunities.

As an accomplished Brand Ambassador for luxury brands such as Rolls Royce and Aston Martin, Mishan observed the world through creative design, speed and an appreciation of both form and function. His tenure in the industry was a position requiring perseverance, tenacity, negotiation, and communication skills as he worked with a diverse, high profile and international customer base. Today, as a real estate professional, he is bringing those same skills and talents to an equally broad spectrum of discriminating clients.

In the Hotel & Resort field, Dream Homes hosts a dynamic team of operational excellence.  Mishan and his associates pride themselves on being “Boots on the Ground” and a day-in and day-out resource for their trusted brands and associates.  During his tenure of Hotel & Resort Acquisitions, Mishan has spearheaded the following services and qualifications: 

•Acquisition & Disposition Analysis 

•Site Selection & Due Diligence


•Capital Gains Management

•Strategic Planning & Design

•Project & Construction Management

•Asset Management Advisory

•Branding & Flagship Arbitrator

As a California native—with roots in Santa Rosa and Los Angeles–Mishan was deep-rooted as he earned his degree in Finance from CSU, Northridge.  After switching gears to a new home 1,200 miles south, Mishan-–along with his expert Broker and ultra efficient “Dream Team” –-is dedicated to Los Cabos.  Married and the father of two, Mishan is deeply invested in the Baja.  He spends his weekends with their horses, in the ocean spear-fishing, in the mountains on his RZR or jamming on his guitar.  In addition, Mishan is always looking for ways to give back; he and his family spend time volunteering at the Humane Society, Feeding Los Cabos Kids and donating time and resources to LigaMAC.