Michelle Geisler

Michelle Geisler

Sales Assocciate

Do you yearn for a life of more simple living?

The concept of imagining yourself living here is quite similar to how many of your relationships may have started. If you didn’t start those by saying “yes” to a first date, how would you have ever known what you did/didn’t admire in a partner? And how would you have ever reached the dream of a beautiful wedding and happy marriage? Imagining the possibility of living here is just the start of your dream. Don’t hold yourself back from learning about the magic and life in Los Cabos.

Talk to those who live here.   Some of us have dreamed of working for ourselves and have realized those opportunities either consulting, starting our own business or bridging the gap by delivering advanced products, services and technologies to the local Los Cabos market. Some of us have experienced unexpected thrills with changing our careers and get into a new business. But all in all, it never ceases to amaze us how living and/or working in Los Cabos requires much less of a personal sacrifice to ourselves, our families, our time management and our health in the terms of the less stressful work culture here that isn’t something that “defines” its people in Los Cabos.

Get started by paying some interest into the real estate sections of magazines or browse real estate websites. Introduce yourself to a reputable Real Estate Agency – and all you have to do is be genuine with your curiosities.  They are not going to force you to make an investment if you are simply not ready or prepared financially; and they will respect you for being honest as you explore the options and begin your research.  Asking questions or saying “yes” gives you an idea of the variety types of properties that are even out there! Taking a real estate tour or visiting open houses is an even better opportunity to get a real perspective of where you are towards reaching your dream.

Taking the opportunity to tour or learn about real estate, visiting again the one or two you could imagine yourself living in is the beginning of preparing yourself for the realization of the dream…it’s the same as falling in love, it starts with “yes.” Driving around with a Professional Realtor allows you to become more acquainted with the variety of residential neighborhoods that can help you determine what you do, or do not, want from your future investment.  It is okay if your plan to purchase may not be for another three to five years, this is a process, much like how your relationship started when you first said “yes.”  You had to go on a few dates before you thought you had the “right one.”  Then you kept returning to him/her and seeing that one more often. Eventually when the time was right or when you prepared yourself appropriately you knew/or will know, when to say “Yes, I Do!”