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Imagine Living Los Cabos.

Sure, it has crossed your mind once or twice “awe, how great would it be if this was my life,” or “I can imagine living here!”  Well, you are not alone when you daydream about making Los Cabos a part of home.  Many American, Canadian and a growing number of other foreigners, have been migrating to Los Cabos over the last 30 years or more.  The convenience to Canada and the United States, often on direct flights, have made Los Cabos a popular second home; but now, more than ever, Europeans and other immigrants from far off countries are finding their a very similar way of life here on the sunny shores of the Baja coast.  Not only has Los Cabos experienced significant development and economical growth from International Retirees, but also from those who are purchasing second homes and income properties who are not even nearing retirement.  This development and growth has been an inviting destination for foreigners to relocate their families for unique employment opportunities, to start new businesses or a home for those who are escaping the economic crisis and political views of their home countries.

The demographic of international residents have gone from snow-birds who reside for just a few weeks or months to residents completely integrating to this more simple way of life.  It almost, always starts with some general interest in perusing local magazines and having some initial conversations with a Los Cabos General Real Estate Agent who can represent and speak in depth about the variety of local real estate available on the market.  Real estate is easy and safe for foreigners to purchase, but there is much to understand in the differences of the transaction.  Finding a local real estate partner is key to not only uncovering the best deals but also for protecting you from developers’ private interests, problem neighborhoods or legal transactions or scenarios that can become costly at the end.  It is easy to meet reputable Realtors when you reference advertised listings, visit general real estate agencies or search online for real estate agents affiliated with the local Los Cabos AMPI MLS affiliation.

Most foreign property owners started with the same dream and image of living in Mexico as you may have contemplated sitting poolside at your hotel.  Do not be fooled, almost every day is sunny in Mexico and the “no worries” attitude keeps you on your toes, but living here is not far from your vacation experience.  Although the difference would be one that you would be living in a condo or home, or perhaps have selected a perfect home site lot to build your dream home on, but that more likely you’ll be making the margaritas.  The neighborhoods are not far off from what you are accustomed to back “home.” Most neighborhoods are diverse and multi-cultural with more American and Canadian foreigners than Mexican National residents.  Learning to speak Spanish would take effort, simply to find someone to speak with, rather than learning the language quick enough.  Shopping and consumer products are quite similar.  Big box stores like Costco, Home Depot, Office Max, Sam’s Club, Wal-Mart and more and more specialty and gourmet products like imported goods or vegan and gluten free products are more readily available, making life here just as accommodating as living at home.

In fact, some of those luxuries are being able to live so close to, or on, the beach for much lower values than elsewhere in North America.  Private schools cost just a fraction of those up north and students learn to become fully bi-lingual with both English and Spanish spoken throughout the day and learned as part of the school curriculum. Utilities are comparable if not more reasonable and homecare services and maintenance workers are so much more affordable; nearly everyone has a property manager and housekeeper take care of the less desirable of chores.  Property taxes are just a few hundred dollars on an average priced home or beach front condo, and medical care is not only easily accessible but at such affordable rates that Medical Tourism is becoming more popular way many Americans to subsidize their healthcare costs.  In fact, many US Healthcare providers such as Baylor University Medical Center, The Methodist Hospital of Houston, the Mayo Clinic and Children’s Hospital of Boston have affiliated with some of Mexico’s leading hospitals.   One notable Mexican Hospital with these affiliations is nearing construction completion in San Jose del Cabo called American British Cowdray Medical Center (ABC), not to mention several other reputable medical clinics and hospitals established between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo.

The easy flights and proximity of Los Cabos quickly has made our towns an attractive retirement and income property destination for many. Reliable access to foreign satellites and Mexican telecommunication services allow foreign residents to finish their Los Cabos home as if they were simply down the street with the capability of watching their favorite TV shows, making reasonable international phone calls and browsing the internet.  With this, you can even continue working, run consultation services and manage banking and credit cards all online and as if you were down the street from your current residence.  Can you imagine living with a “no worries” attitude, among a community that comes together to share and integrate its culture, a place with little crime, pristine beaches, dynamic golf courses and thrilling fishing adventures…oh and smiles from the locals every day.  Yes, this can be your reality, imagine living Los Cabos, and consider your journey before the opportunity passes you by.